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    IONgamers Call of Duty Tournament

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    ONGAMERS announces the Official Activision D-Day Call of Duty $5,000 cash
    prize tournament presented by Computer Games Magazine

    For Immediate Release: New York, New York, May 25, 2004 - IONGAMERS
    ( <>) International Organization of
    Networked Gamers, announces the Official Activision D-Day Call of Duty
    online cash prize tournament. The tournament is a 64 squad 6v6 Search '
    Destroy, scheduled for June 7 - June 20. The tournament costs $10 per clan
    and is first come first serve. The tournament format is single elimination
    from 64 to 16 teams switching to double elimination to determine the
    winners. Visit <> for
    details. To register for the tournament you must have a clan with at least
    six members registered with IONGAMERS. Registration with IONGAMERS is free
    of charge.

    The tournament purse is $5,000 and will be distributed as follows.

    1st Place - $2,500
    2nd Place - $750
    3rd Place - $500
    4th Place - $350
    5th ' 6th Place - $200
    7h ' 8th Place - $100
    9th - 12th Place - $50
    13th - 16th Place - $25
    * $25$

    Computer Games Magazine is providing the purse money, so IONGAMERS will send
    prize winnings within 5 days of the tournament's completion

    Activision is also contributing product prizes to the top three teams.

    To kick off the tournament festivities, IONGAMERS will feature an exhibition
    match on Sunday June 6, D-Day, at 2pm EST. Exhibition match teams to be

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