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    Who is PECK?



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    Who is PECK?

    Post by Admin on Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:50 pm

    Tonight was Week Six for the TWL: 4v4 Invite League, as teams battled it out on Weapons Cache. We battled PECK, on what is supposedly their strongest map, in defense of our #1 seed for the playoffs, set to begin just four weeks from now. PECK's 3-2 record puts them in second in the Infantry Division.

    After a very aggressive first defensive round, Sneaky's two kills gave us an early 1-0 lead. Robert played up the next two rounds, taking three both times. After a Critical Error by Sneaky in the fifth round, a 3v4 "Handicapped" Check Six team was lead by Durhai's two kills to a 5-0 victory. Despite a nice attempt by Flyer_[PECK], we took the next round and a 6-0 half time lead. us a 6-0 halftime lead.

    PECK's aggressive defense gave us some troubles early in the second half, but Durhai came up big in the second round with a vent breach that lead him to an ace, clinching victory with a 7-1 score. Not 19 seconds into the next round, our hero Durhai bit the bullet, but Robert's clutch put us up 8-1. Some "BS" by Robert led us to 9-1, and a lucky round by Flor took it to 10-1. Pit_Viper_[PECK]'s three kills gave them the final round. 10-2 x6 > PECK.

    Sitting at 6-0, we face off with The Butchers next week on HQ Raid. GGs PECK, see you next season.

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